Wedding Card Craft – 10 Easy Steps!

I received so many comments and questions on how I made this wedding card keepsake that I decided to make a quick post on it! Though it can take some time to put together, I love seeing mine on the wall each day rather than the cards continuing to collect dust in a closet.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A Frame (choose your size, color whatever ya want!)
  • An acid free mat, I think this frames the card clippings nicely but it’s not a requirement.
  • Some sort of cardstock or mat to glue your clippings to (my picture frame did not come with one)
  • Something to cut whatever shape you’re looking for. I utilized my Cricut and will be showing that method, but you could easily get a heart-shaped puncher etc.
  • Cards! (wedding, birthday, baby shower etc.)

Step 1: Decide how many cards you want to include. This may also inform the size frame you need. I had space of 8inx10in to work with and managed to fit around 55, 1 inch hexagons. Again, this is entirely dependent on your preference for what shape you want and how large you want the clippings.

Step 2: Decide what pieces of each card you want to be on your frame. I found it easiest to pick which area of the card I wanted and quickly cut that area out with scissors. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just enough to give you a ball park idea of what section your Cricut will cut. If you’re using a puncher, you can likely skip this step.

2 Sample cards

Step 3: Lay your cut pieces in a spot on your cutting mat. In the below image, you can see that I’m trying to have the heart from my one card and the flowers from my other.

Card pieces on Cricut mat

Step 4: Align your shape to cut where your card portions are placed. While this may seem tedious, I found it nice to have several cards being cut on my mat at once. The below screenshot will also give you a good idea of the size of my Cricut shape.


Step 5: Let it cut! Make sure that your mat is sticky enough to grip the card pieces. If not, the pieces will shimmy around and cut improperly. I also set my material to be cardstock, as I found the Cricut cut the cards best with that setting.


The Cut Results

Step 6: Start laying out your shapes and deciding where you want them to go. I didn’t glue a single thing down until I was sure I liked the overall layout.

Arrange your shapes as you please!

Step 7: Once you like your layout, start gluing or taping your shapes down to your cardstock. I would recommend using a scrapbooking double sided tape or an acid free glue so that you know it won’t damage your card clippings in the long run. At this point, I had not glued my frame to the mat. I used the frame as a guide to keep things level, but left the actual gluing for once my layout was finalized.

Nearly done...

Step 8: Glue your mat to your frame [if applicable]

Step 9: Add any other embellishments you might want! You could add your wedding date, last name, or any extra card clippings. I decided to keep it simple and just add this little ‘congrats’ banner in the upper left corner. For inspiration, below are a few other pieces I debated on using from cards 🙂


Step 10: Put that beauty in the frame and hang it up proudly!