Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Nestled between the Nicaraguan cities of Masaya and Granada is a mystical place known as Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve. This nature reserve holds Apoyo Lagoon, a crater lake created 23,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. What I find so fascinating about the lake is that it hasn’t been overrun by commercialism yet. It’s quiet, natural, and serene. The atmosphere is so peaceful and the water is pure and unaffected by human activities. However, the landscape is starting to see some environmental degradation, so please be as sustainable as possible when visiting.

The ride to The Monkey Hut (where we hung out for the day) was a little bumpy and windy, so if you get motion sick easily…come prepared. However, you get a glance at beautiful views of the lake on the way down, so keep an eye out and camera ready.  The Hut offered changing rooms, drinks, food, showers, and even hammocks for a quick afternoon siesta. The pricing seemed to be a bit higher for the region, but still lower than what you would pay for that location and experience in the U.S.

So here’s your agenda for the day:

  1. Swim in a rare volanic crater
  2. Have a quick drink on the shore with friends
  3. Chill in a hammock and take in the scenery (if you fall asleep…I get it…it’s pretty peaceful)

Details on the lake and its history

The Monkey Hut

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