Castries, St. Lucia

Before you read any further I have one ask of you…just take a minute and stare at The Pitons in the photo above. I’m convinced it lowers your blood pressure. I’m still surprised that I went through a large chunk of my life not knowing that these mountains (okay, technically volcanic plugs) even existed.

We visited St. Lucia via a Royal Caribbean cruise, but it doesn’t seem too difficult to reach via commercial airlines. We booked a pretty standard day excursion for the island — one that included a waterfall, volcano visit, lunch, and stops at beautiful overlooks.

*huge disclaimer* If you get motion sickness easily, an excursion that involves a lot of driving around St. Lucia is probably not the excursion for you! If you check out a map, you’ll quickly see that the roads on this island are built around the mountainous topography and are therefore extremely windy and narrow in parts. Note that they also drive on the left side of the road for an added challenge.

If you’re up for the slightly nauseating adventure, here’s what you need to see on your day trip to the island:

  • La Soufriere Volcano– the sulfur-filled air here packs an extra punch if you’re car-sick, but is so worth tolerating. I’m still a bit shocked that they let you waltz right up to these bubbling geothermal springs, but the tour provides awesome insight to the history and deeper background on the site. Some of this walk is on an upward incline on gravel terrain so be prepared with good walking shoes.
  • Sulfur Springs- this is right around the corner from the volcano and one of the few places in this world where you are encouraged to play in the mud. We sadly didn’t have time for this one, but if we go back we will definitely be taking part!
  • Toraille Waterfall- once you’ve gotten all muddy this is a fun place to wash off and get an awesome picture. The falls are just a minute or so walk from the parking lot and very easy to access, so no excuses on missing this one.
  • Fedo’s in Soufriere- this humble restaurant had amazing local cuisine and really hit the spot after a full day of adventures
  • The Pitons- this one is a given, but make sure you stop to really appreciate The Pitons at some point. There are plenty of overlooks, some which also feature little markets with local crafts and souvenirs for purchase. Feel the need to get closer? Hike em!

While these are the core activities that I suggest, St. Lucia does have tons of beautiful beaches that you can stop and spend a day at.

Ready to go? Here’s everything you need to know about the Pitons!





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