The Mohicans, Glenmont OH

What do you do when your trip to Austria gets cancelled thanks to COVID-19? You find a way to make the best of it while exploring your own state!

I’d always seen pictures of these tree houses in Mohican State Park and had wanted to check them out. So at the last minute we decided to book a stay to escape from reality and celebrate our first marriage anniversary. It could not have been more perfect (…okay maybe just slightly more perfect if this one carpenter bee didn’t have it out for us).

We booked the Tin Shed tree house and it was magical! Although you are truly in the trees you have the standard amenities you’d find in a hotel — bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom…just all tiny house sized. Our tree house had a large bridge to the entrance (which my slightly-fearful-of-heights self definitely didn’t realize was 30 ft up from the pictures), a wrap around porch, a garage door that could be pulled open for some fresh air and a fun swing down below. I’ll make note here that the one thing we forgot to pack was bug spray. Despite being in a ‘glamping’ environment you’re still in the middle of nature (and we also chose a muggy weekend in May). You can book these tree houses many other times of the year, so if the idea of bugs bothers you just choose a more dormant season.

While it wasn’t how we first planned to spend our anniversary, it ended up being a trip we’ll never forget. We shared laughter and memories together as we cut our wedding cake and poured out our ‘Year 1’ wine bottle (really thankful the kitchen had a corkscrew haha!). It was the perfect way to unplug, relax, and reflect on our first year of marriage. Here’s to many more years of navigating this game of life together and finding the tree houses when we need em.


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